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Zero Gravity

Anti-Icing Solutions

Zero Gravity® Third Rail Anti-Icer/De-Icer

Prevents snow and ice build-up on electrified third rails.

This highly effective, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive third rail anti-icing deicing fluid exhibits unique “smart fluid” technology over a broad range of temperatures.

Third Rail Anti-Icer was developed to permit uninterrupted equipment operation at freezing temperatures. With the absence of electrolytes, there is no possibility of galvanic action and corrosion. Electrical short and arcing are eliminated as well. Because of its non-tacky nature, it will also reduce the wear-and-tear on the contact shoe.

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A Message From the President

Our Mission

As erosion, dust and sediment control continue to be primary concerns of landfills, mines, site developers and many more industries. Geo Environmental remains committed to offering the most technologically advanced products and a professional staff of certified erosion control specialists. Never before has the industry been at a stage when solutions are critical to protecting the soils of tomorrow.

I personally invite you to explore the potential of Geo Environmental’ products — its comprehensive product and application mix and professionally certified individuals who make us stand apart.

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