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Scientifically formulated to achieve maximum

soil stabilization

Soil-Sement is an environmentally safe, powerful polymer emulsion that produces highly effective control of dust and erosion. Soil-Sement provides superior bonding, cohesion, versatility, cost-effectiveness, superior overall performance and environmental compliance.

Soil-Sement® can be used for:

  • dust control
  • dust abatement
  • dust suppression
  • dust stabilizer
  • soil stabilization
  • soil erosion control
  • silt control
  • sediment control
  • soil sealer
  • erosion control

The key to the outstanding performance of Soil-Sement is its unique ability to penetrate, saturate, and bond surface dust and aggregate together and “cement” it to the base to create a hard, dust-free, water-resistant, and resilient surface.

Soil-Sement’s effectiveness results from the length and strength of its polymer molecules and their ability to bond with surface materials. Soil-Sement’s unique chemical structure is made of molecules attached in relatively straight linked chains and then cross-linked between other chains or grids that may be 1,000,000 molecules in length. It is a true giant compared to the much smaller molecular structure of oil, calcium, petroleum resign, and asphalt emulsion products which range from 100 to 10,000 molecules. As a result, Soil-Sement can be as strong as steel and as resilient as rubber.

Soil-Sement is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable product that does not pollute ground water, does not disturb vegetation and does not increase the alkalinity or acidity of soil.

Upon drying, Soil-Sement does not contribute any pollutant including BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) to storm water discharge. Soil-Sement will actually reduce pollutants by reducing TSS (Total Suspended Solids) present in runoff.

On unpaved roadways, Soil-Sement offers immediate and long-term control of fugitive emissions while cost effectively increasing the integrity of the roadway.

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Our Mission

As erosion, dust and sediment control continue to be primary concerns of landfills, mines, site developers and many more industries. Geo Environmental remains committed to offering the most technologically advanced products and a professional staff of certified erosion control specialists. Never before has the industry been at a stage when solutions are critical to protecting the soils of tomorrow.

I personally invite you to explore the potential of Geo Environmental’ products — its comprehensive product and application mix and professionally certified individuals who make us stand apart.

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