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Erosion Control Solutions

GeoMatrix – Premium Wood Mulch

GeoMatrix is a premium wood mulch that is customized to a site’s specific soil composition. Soil samples collected from a site are analyzed in our laboratory to determine their electromagnetic and chemical profiles. Once the profiles are determined, a proprietary blend of additives, selected to complement the soil’s composition are combined with the GeoMatrix base to create a customized product that is durable and can provide maximum soil stabilization.

Testing the soil from the application site and tailoring the blend to complement it is a radical yet logical approach that stands in contrast to off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all, pre-mixed products that are so prevalent in the erosion control marketplace. Innovative, long lasting, and economical GeoMatrix is acknowledged by industry experts as being the NEXT GENERATION of effective erosion control.

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As erosion, dust and sediment control continue to be primary concerns of landfills, mines, site developers and many more industries. Geo Environmental remains committed to offering the most technologically advanced products and a professional staff of certified erosion control specialists. Never before has the industry been at a stage when solutions are critical to protecting the soils of tomorrow.

I personally invite you to explore the potential of Geo Environmental’ products — its comprehensive product and application mix and professionally certified individuals who make us stand apart.

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