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GeoEarth provides the benefits of a nutrient rich compost in a concentrated, dry form. GeoEarth is easy to apply and replenishes the soil with a rich supply of stabilized organic matter and essential nutrients required
for quality growth. GeoEarth provides a combination of plant nutrients, beneficial microbiology and organic substances derived from biologically stable aerobic compost.

Benefits of GeoEnvironmental GeoEarth:

• Viable replacement for topsoil
• Provides the benefits of compost in a dry, concentrated form, which
minimizes transportation and application costs
• Contains primary, secondary and tertiary nutrients for plant growth,
eliminating the need to apply additional fertilizer
• Adds 7% approximately humic acid
• Supplies soil with 50% stabilized organic matter
• The Carbon:Nitrogen ratio range of 9:1 ensures no N immobilization
in the soil
• Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
• Improves and sustains soil quality
• Improves buffering against changes in soil pH
• Increases the soil’s cation exchange capacity
• Improves soil structure, porosity and stability leading to greater root

Recommended Use:

For establishing vegetation where little to no soil exists. GeoEarth provides the necessary ingredients to promote long term establishment utilizing ancient soil microbial technologies. For use in Reclamation, bio-remediation, revegetation and building of disturbed or depleted soils.

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As erosion, dust and sediment control continue to be primary concerns of landfills, mines, site developers and many more industries. Geo Environmental remains committed to offering the most technologically advanced products and a professional staff of certified erosion control specialists. Never before has the industry been at a stage when solutions are critical to protecting the soils of tomorrow.

I personally invite you to explore the potential of Geo Environmental’ products — its comprehensive product and application mix and professionally certified individuals who make us stand apart.

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