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stormwater management

Earth Stop Series

Reduces and prevents erosion of fine particles and colloidal
clays from water.


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earth stop series

A Soil Specific Emulsion Agent to Prevent Soil Erosion

Earth Stop’s effectiveness results from the length and strength of its unique polymer molecule formulation and those polymer molecules’ ability to bond with the surface materials. Its chemical structure is made of molecules attached in relatively straight-linked chains and then cross-linked among 

other chains or grids that maybe up to 25,000,000 molecules long.

EarthStop yields proprietary one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry manufactured to rigid quality standards utilized in combination with field experience in all industrial, commercial and municipal environments.

Earth Stop Series 500

Earth Stop 500 Series is a soil specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer emulsion for erosion control. It reduces and prevents erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.

Primary Applications:
• Mine Tailings and Waste Piles
• Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites
• Road and Highway Construction
• Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application
• Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement 

Earth Stop Series

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880 Series



500 Series



240 Series



DC65 Road Dust Control


Earth Stop

• Removes soils and clay from water
• Will reduce soil movement during rain event on moderate slopes
• Binds cationic metals within the soil
• Reduces pesticide and fertilizer loss during rain events
• Reduces windborne dust
• Increases soil permeability
• Reduces operational and soil cleanup costs
• Reduces environmental risk and compliance

Features and Benefits

• Excellent surface wetting, spreading and penetration
• Easy application
• Excellent coverage at low treat rates
• Outstanding particle agglomeration
• Effective dust control
• Water resistant, low volatility formulation
• Long lasting dust control
• Virtually non-toxic, odourless and colorless
• Readily biodegradable
• Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas
• Benign to plants and animals
• Improved working conditions,and worker health and safety
• Not WHMIS or OHSA controlled

Dust Suppressant Fluid
EarthStop DC 65

GeoEnvironmental Dust Suppressant Fluid CSF 65 is a safe, virtually non-toxic fluid designed to reduce the generation of airborne particulate matter on roads, fields, vehicles and industrial applications. Odorless and colorless, Dust Suppressant Fluid DC 65 is virtually non-toxic to humans, animals, aquatic life and plants. Dust Suppressant Fluid DSF 65 is especially recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas where water and soil contamination is to be avoided. Dust Suppressant Fluid DC 65 is a highly isoparaffinic fluid free of any potential toxins such as polynuclear aromatics and consequently does not pose a concern with contaminants leaching into the environment.

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