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B50 and B60 Series Floc Blocs

Storm Water Management Solutions

B50 and B60 Series Floc Blocs

There are currently over (40) types of Floc Bloc ®. Each are designed for specific soils or lithologies. Each Floc Bloc ® is tailored for the specific requirement of water chemistry and soil within your geographical area. Most soils within EPA Region 4 have been classified and will not require a soil and water sample. Areas outside EPA Region 4 will require a soil and water sample. There is no charge for this analysis.

Floc Bloc ® is available in two forms, clarifier and particle. Clarifier Floc Bloc ® is used for colloidal water and very fine suspended particles. Particle Floc Bloc ® is used for heavily particle laden water in areas before sediment traps and sediment ponds.

ANSI/NSF Standard Drinking Water Treatment Chemical Additives
EPA-821-R-02-013 168 Hr. Chronic Toxicity Test EPA-821-R-02-012 48Hr. Acute Static Screen Toxicity Test

Enhancement tools and Engineering designs are available on request:

Consult GeoEnvironmental for proper Floc Bloc © type, correct application and other  Earth Stop Products products.

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