Terra Tubes APS 700 Series Siltstop

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APS 700 Series Siltstop
Polyacrylamide Erosion
Control Emulsion

APS 700 Series Silt Stop is a soil specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer emulsion for erosion control. It reduces and prevents erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.

Primary Applications:

• Mine Tailings and Waste Piles
• Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites
• Road and Highway Construction
• Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application
• Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement

Features and Benefits:

• Removes Solubilized Soils and Clay from Water
• Prevents Colloidal Solutions in Water when Applied to the Soil Surface
• Will Reduce Soil Movement During Rain Event on Moderate Slopes
• Binds Cationic Metals within the Soil Matrix, Reducing Solubilization
• Reduces Pesticide and Fertilizer Loss During Rain Events
• Reduces Wind Borne Dust Conditions
• Increases Soil Permeability and Water Penetration to Shallow Plants
• Reduces Operational and Cleanup Costs
• Reduces Environmental Risk and Compliance

Specifications / Compliances:

• ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Drinking water treatment chemicals
• EPA-821-R-02-012 168 Hr. Chronic Toxicity Test (Pimephales promelas)
• EPA/600/4-90/027F 48 Hr. Acute Static Toxicity Test (Daphnia Magna)

APS 700 Series Silt Stop is packaged in 5 gallon pails

Technical Information:
Appearance / White Granular Powder
Bulk Density - 40-50 Lbs./Cubic Foot
Percent Moisture - 15% Maximum
pH 0.5% Solution - 6-8
Shelf Life - 1 Year

1.3 - 20.0 Lbs/Acre (Dry)
1.3 - 20.0 Lbs/Acre (Liquid)

Note: Dosage-application rates are determined on soil specific testing. Soil polymers and blends should never be used without testing the soil first. Consult GeoEnvironmental Inc. or send your samples to Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.