GeoMatrix GeoMatrix II GeoMatrix SS GeoPerm Enkamat® Hydrostraw

GeoMatrix – Premium Wood Mulch

GeoMatrix is a premium wood mulch that is customized to a site's specific soil composition. Soil samples collected from a site are analyzed in our laboratory to determine their electromagnetic and chemical profiles. Once the profiles are determined, a proprietary blend of additives, selected to complement the soil's composition are combined with the GeoMatrix base to create a customized product that is durable and can provide maximum soil stabilization.

Testing the soil from the application site and tailoring the blend to complement it is a radical yet logical approach that stands in contrast to off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all, pre-mixed products that are so prevalent in the erosion control marketplace. Innovative, long lasting, and economical GeoMatrix is acknowledged by industry experts as being the NEXT GENERATION of effective erosion control.

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GeoMatrix II – Premium Wood Mulch with TAC

GeoMatrix II sprays on like a mulch, but dries to form a porous, breathable, and water insoluble mat that bonds firmly with the soil, prevents erosion, and saves time and money. Easy to mix, easy to apply, no cavitation, no tenting or rilling, no staples or stakes, does not hurt wildlife or fish. GeoMatrix II combines the low cost and ease of application of hydroseeding, the protection of a blanket, and the advantages of a mulch. GeoMatrix II consists of premium Northern Softwood fibers, a natural guar gum tackifier, and a proprietary cross-linking agent. Our mat protects seeds and enhances germination then decomposes over time into carbon dioxide and organic matter to further aid in plant development.

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GeoMatrix SS – Permeable Fibre Mat

GeoMatrix SS is formulated to provide maximum control and stabilization of soil, preventing erosion due to wind and rain.  It also provides a perfect environment for seed germination and establishment of strong turf while eliminating the possibility of seed migration (and contamination of adjacent areas).

When applied, the wood fibers, seed, and customized additives in GeoMatrix SS form an interlocking matrix that conforms to and electro statically bonds with the soil, locking the two together.  Once dry, the customized mat is breathable, strong, porous, and extremely erosion-resistant providing protection for up to 6 months!!!

View our aerial hydroseeding video of forest reclamation work performed after the Hayman, Colorado Forest Fire in 2002

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GeoPerm – Bonded Fiber Matrix

GeoPerm is the ultimate hydraulically-applied soil stabilization product. It creates an air and water-permeable mat that bonds firmly to soil preventing erosion and enhancing the establishment of healthy turf. Once cured, the GeoPerm mat is insoluble in water making it the superior choice for application in more challenging conditions. Its great strength and long term effectiveness save time and money.

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